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Afif Hossain

Afif Hossain

Chairperson | Project group lead

MA in Social Entrepreneurship and Management

I met Rebecca, a victim of child marriage and a hopeless mother who became a community leader. I spoke to Shohagi, a marginalized single mother who learned to fight with her inner dilemma. I talked to poverty-stricken Ambia who told me how a simple collective saving program binds an organization of thousands of marginalized women together today. I have read about empowerment but truly experienced it through Bandhab’s work in Bangladesh.

I have two homes, Scandinavia (my home for the past 10 years) and Bangladesh (where I am from and have spent most of my life). By getting involved with Bandhab in 2015 I teamed up with some amazing people, some of whom became life long friends. I wish to contribute and grow further in this organization.

Jihyun Lee

Jennifer Lee

Board Member | TREASURER

I am excited to join Bandhab to help empower women in Bangladesh. I have always been passionate about children and women’s condition. Maybe because I was once a child and I am a woman myself, it is easier to resonate with them. It makes me sad that there is still inequality (in some countries, a lot) between men and women and that many women don’t have access to education and free will to make their own decisions. I would like to improve women’s condition in Bangladesh with Bandhab.

As a person, I consider myself both an adventurer and a learner. I am an adventurer, I have travelled to 22 countries so far and besides my education in Denmark, I have studied in South Korea and Germany and have lived in Thailand and France for 6 months each. I am also a learner, I enjoy learning itself. In addition to my business degree, I have a double degree in psychology and have a huge interest in western and eastern antiques. I also like playing the piano which I started at age 6.

katrine Piester

Katrine Bruun Piester

Board Member | Project Coordinator & Newsletter

Bachelor in Anthropology at Copenhagen University

Since I was a child, I have always been curious about the world that surrounds me. Curious about the people in different places, from different cultures and the opportunities that shapes these peoples lives. This Curiosity is what let me to study anthropology, where I am being taught the methodological competences and theoretical frameworks to study the world around me and the people who live in it. From my studies I quickly found an interest in South Asia, and I am now working towards becoming specialized in the region. I am especially passionate about the empowerment of women and refugees’ rights, and I wish to further my education in global development.
The passion and engagement I have witnessed from the people of Bandhab have made me completely engaged in this cause, and I am excited to be a part of this multicultural team.

Romila Ghale

Romila Ghale

Board Member | Admin

I have always believed that everyone has the ability to make a positive impact in society. I am very drawn with the work Bandhab is doing in rural parts of Bangladesh. Coming from a business background I have had few chances of working in Micro-credit that has allowed me to realize the scope and need of rural communities that are less privileged but undoubtedly has great potential of development. Joining Bandhab as a volunteer is a great opportunity for me to contribute and learn in the field of societal change which I am passionate about.

Anna Milford

Anna Milford

Board Member | Project Coordinator & SoMe

Masters in Global Development | Copenhagen University

I am Brit studying my masters in Global Development at Copenhagen University. I joined Bandhab recently with the aim of trying to put my academic skill set to good practical use. I’ve always been passionate about working with marginalised individuals, previously I lived in Madagascar and during my time I volunteered at a charity which provided vulnerable children with safe educational spaces. My time in Madagascar and my educational background in Anthropology and Global Development has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone to challenge the world around me. I have experience carrying out research projects and collaborations, using both qualitative and quantitative methods which I believe transfers well to the type of projects Bandhab carry out.

I think the work Bandhab is doing in Bangladesh is inspiring and I really hope to be able to contribute meaningfully.

Azim Uddin

Azim Uddin

Board Member | Bandhab IT

Msc in Information Technology

Since I introduced with the Bandhab by Afif, I admire its works and its commitment for the social change, poverty reduction and education for the marginalized people. I have been member of Bandhab since 2017, since then I always love to contribute to this novel organization. Currently I am contributing as a Board member and responsible for the Bandhab IT.
Apart from that I am also working on multiple technology implementation for the organization and make day to day life easier.

Mai Tham Bech Fanøe

Mai Tham Bech Fanøe

Auditor | Former Board member

Masters in Public Health

I have been part of Bandhab since October 2018. During my time in Bandhab, I have learned a lot within the area of organization management, team working, leadership, project working, etc. I value that Bandhab is a small organization where there is room for everyone and space for people to try out their skills and learn about volunteer- and social working. With an educational background in Public Health and Social Education, I have a big interest in social working. Hence, being a part of Bandhab which empower and promote the rights of poor people, is for me very meaningful. Moreover, I enjoy being a part of Bandhab and working with people with different backgrounds and cultures and together learn and promote the rights and life opportunities of marginalized people.

Linda W. Ib

Linda W. Ib.

Board Member | Volunteer & Membership Manager

Master of Project management and process Improvement MPF

Today working as a manager for home nursing department with responsibility for competence and organizational development. Have lived and worked as a volunteer in Sri Lanka for a children’s orphanages as and at Red Cross in their Copenhagen office.

As a person I am a natural relationship builder, with a dialogical and curious access to cooperation.  My forces lies in interpersonal and relational processes, in teamwork and networking. I am passionate about people and organizational development.