Become part of Bandhab team

Become part of Bandhab team

Do you want to help create community organizing in Bangladesh? Become part of Bandhab team and contribute to marginalized women’s rights and opportunities in Bangladesh!

About Bandhab

Bandhab is a voluntarily operated, non-profit association based in Copenhagen. Bandhab means friendship in Bengali and the friendship association works in Bangladesh from Denmark. Bandhab has root in the Danish high school tradition and we continue to work with the education and rights of marginalized people in Bangladesh. Today, an important aspect of our work is at the same time organizing communities to make the individual better able to act.

As a volunteer of Bandhab, you will contribute to our work in some of the poorest rural areas in Bangladesh:

  • Education: In partnership with local partners, we give poor women and men the opportunity to develop their professional skills and learn about their rights
  • Social Change: We help marginalized women and men organize themselves into groups and thereby strengthen their ability to become active, democratic citizens who jointly fight for equality and human rights
  • Poverty Reduction: We help poor women break with their economic dependence on men through joint savvy programs based on Bangladeshi tradition, thus giving them the opportunity to invest in their own future

Based on our good experiences from Gono Kendra, we are now working to engage another 500 people locally in Bangladesh. It is our ambition to prepare a project application for CISU, so that we can launch more and larger projects in the future.

About Work

By using our good experiences from the Gono Kendra project, we are now trying to further develop our activities in Bangladesh so that we can do more for fewer resources. It is this development that you have the opportunity to contribute to by becoming part of our board. The tasks will be:

  • Strategy Development
  • Project development and fund search
  • Collaboration with local partners
  • Prepare action plans and budgets

We collaborate with CISU, which offers courses within the LFA method, M&E, project application, etc. As an active member of the working group, Bandhab covers costs of participating in CISU’s courses.
We are planning a major project application and if we get funds to launch the project, we prioritize that our newest volunteers have the opportunity to travel to Bangladesh and visit our two projects.

About You

You are passionate about making a difference and want experience in organizing democratic development in Bangladesh in collaboration with local partners. You have the courage to become part of a voluntary organization and a voluntary board that has ambitions to make a big difference.


If you are interested in contributing to our work, please send us a brief description of yourself and how you want to contribute with us. Send your application at: