Bandhab volunteers attend the Indian food festival

Bandhab volunteers attend the Indian food festival

The Indian Vegetarian/Vegan (Home Cooked) & Regional Food Festival was attended by the Bandhab Denmark team last week (Indoor Event). The HSS planned the celebration. It is regarded as the largest vegetarian/vegan culinary event in Scandinavia.

Bandhab used the occasion to participate in the event to promote various delicacies from Bangladesh to people all over the world and to raise money. We made payesh, a very well-known dessert, and fuchka, one of Bangladesh’s most popular street dishes.

The overwhelming response from all of the guests left us speechless. When we made Fuchka in front of them, they found it to be quite engaging.

As we prepared and served the food, we also used this as an occasion to discuss Bandhab and our work. The visitors were very eager to learn about Bandhab and Bangladeshi food as well.

Bandhab team

Bandhab would like to extend their gratitude to HSS and all the volunteers who helped with the meal preparation and on the day of the event served the food to the guests while constantly smiling. We are eager to participate in similar activities in the future.

A memorable summer day with a lovely 30 degree temperature for Bandhab.